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About HMC

What is the Houston Media Classic?

In the summer of 1991, five Ad Men (from the likes of Mad Men) decided the Houston media community needed a fun event to foster camaraderie while raising funds for advertising-related charities.  Late one night at the bar of Stables Steakhouse, these five pioneers scribbled the outline of a golf tournament on a cocktail napkin.  On that summer day in 1991, the Houston Media Classic was officially born.  The first Houston Media Classic had approximately 50 players, and was played at Quail Valley Country Club.  Rumor has it the original cocktail napkin is held in the Claret Jug to this day. 


Over the years, word spread and the tournament grew exponentially, reaching over 300 players at one point. The tournament has taken place at ten different golf courses during our 28 years, and most of them like having us back *wink*


The HMC is now in its 32nd year and has raised over $500,000 for various charities and organizations.  Our largest benefactors continue to be advertising-related organizations that fund college scholarships (AEFH) and help marketing people in times of need (Dream Fund).  It’s no longer just local either…agency and media partners come from other cities and states to participate in this unique event that brings together vendors, clients, and agencies.


FUN is the central theme of the tournament and it truly takes a village -  Houston’s unique village! 






Jack Collins, Bruce Bryant, David Kunkel, Chuck Sitta, Bill Scott


Executive Board:

Tami Weitkunat, Jay Sitta, Chris Caldwell, Judy Lakin, Denise Janowski, Kelly Gratzer

Past Chairs of the HMC


Quail Valley Country Club

Jack Collins, Jay Durham

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